Monday, 19 May 2008

Prom Night

Well, after more than a few months off the reviewing business, I have many a movie to catch up on dishing out my opinions. The first of which is Prom Night. Fortunately for this new slasher flick it bears very little, if any, similarity to its predecessor of the same name. No, this Prom Night is one that viewers are definitely sure of not forgetting in a hurry. Not least of which among reasons is Britney Snow's powerful performance as the victim/almost-heroine of the piece. From the opening sequence we like her right away. I mean you have to have sympathy for a girl whose mother has just died sacrificially for her right before her eyes, and who only moments before discovered the dead bodies of her father and brother. Not to mention that she is gorgeous as well as convincing. The premise is reasonably unoriginal for a slasher. Her teacher has fallen for her in a totally postal way and decides to express his ahem "love" by hacking up anyone who stands in the way of his prize. He was caught and sent to prison and the girl off to live with her loving and childless aunt and uncle. Now two years later she's a senior and prom is coming up and Britney (sorry, I can't remember the character's name) is set to be the bell of the ball. Naturally it is on this night that the evil teacher decides to escape from prison and come after her. As an Australian I have to admit that our Formals for school-leavers hardly compare to the Prom experience set before those who graduate in the US. That is, if movie such as this are anything to be believed. A stylish hotel is the main set for this film and with its mixture of modern suits and ballrooms as well as the hectic, dismal and shonky "under renovation" areas, Prom Night is fraught with optimal sites from a slasher such as this deranged teacher to practice his handywork. Like any slasher flick worth its weight in kitchen knives (drawing your attention to the likes of Halloween, Scream, Friday the 13th etc.), Prom Night gives its killer, and particularly the killing scenes a fingerprint all their own. They are truly a great mixture of sound effects and visual techniques that extend the genre into this new century, as well as belying a deep understanding on the part of those involved about what is actually frightening. Basically if you don't like being scared, I wouldn't necessarily recommend this movie to you. Let's just say there's lots of loud noises and bright flashing and such that will make you squeal your lungs out all the way thru. If you're like me and love the challenge of trying not to get scared in a movie then this one's for you! It's an interesting and satisfying twist on an old record.