Monday, 26 July 2010


So today was Brad's birthday and we decided since we both had the day off we would go to the cinemas yet again and try and knock something else off our list. Inception was the birthday boy's choice and a good one at that. I won't go into much discussion as it is one not to be ruined by spoilers. But it was really epic. Made you think heaps about the nature of reality and dreams and what we choose to believe and live our lives. DiCaprio, Gordon-Levitt and Page were awesome. Was nice to go see a movie that had a little orginality compared to other flicks we get at the cinemas sometimes these days. In other watching news, am working my way thru TV on DVD atm. Got season 1 of The OC knocked over a while back. Stay tuned for my article on Geekshow for that hopefully. Right now getting stuck into the second season of Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Enjoying that very much. Its a lot of fun. Hoping to blog more frequently. :-) Here's hoping