Monday, 18 August 2008

Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman

As a preteen, Lois and Clark was a much beloved show of mine. Coming back to it years later thru the wonders of DVD, I have to say that this firmly remains the same. Baffled though I am that this remarkable series only lasted four seasons, a great amount of stuff has gone on throughout its canon. Watching it again I remember the frustration on the part of its original viewers that it took absolutely forever (a whole season) for Lois to reaslise that Clark was Superman and then yet another eternity (approx two more seasons) for them to finally marry and be together without other suitors and outside influences getting in the way. For indeed that was what the show was really all about, Lois and Clark, the people, the lovers and the constant struggles of making a relationship work not only when the bloke has superpowers that are literally out of this world, but also making it work in the 1990s. Lois Lane in this Superman spinoff is no longer the meek and mild reporter but a ruthless, in-your-face, no-holds-barred, snippy, annoying and ambitious investigative journalist who likes to wear the pants and lead the show (no pun intended). Fortunatley for Clark Kent he is happy to oblige her most of the time, except when she inevitably lands herself in so much trouble she needs his help, but even then it almost makes him love her more. Okay, a lot of the storylines are bad and lame, especially where some of the show's criminals/villains are concerned, and the fashion and hair styles often leave a lot to be desired. But there is something inevitably endearing about this show. Maybe it's because it's another part of a much loved superhero franchise that continues to facinate its plethora of fans. Maybe it's because of the performances of the show's two stars Terri Hatcher and Dean Cain (man watching this show reminded me of how much of a crush I used to have on that guy!) and the wonderful chemistry they have together. Or maybe it's because of the human imagination that wishes a man could fly, get the girl and always save the day no matter what the circumstances. I think maybe it's a mixture of all these things.