Saturday, 3 January 2009

Don't Forget The Lyrics

When this show first premiered on television here, my expectations were a little mixed. While I absolutely love Wayne Brady from watching way too much from Whose Line Is It Anyway?on the Comedy Channel, I thought the premise of the show sounded pretty tacky and lame. Especially given that there were similar shows coming out at the same time in both Australian and US versions.
But after seeing the second episode I fell in love with it a little. So of course I was slightly upset when it got axed. Now its back for the summer/no ratings season (which is incidentally almost over) and its happy days.
The thing I love about this show is that the contestants are just the craziest bunch of fruit loops you will ever see! I mean the idea is pretty simple. It like Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? but with music. You have to sing your way to the million dollars so if you are a music buff then it would basically be really simple and fun. Kinda like SingStar crossed with fill in the blanks but for money. In keeping with the music theme you get "back ups" instead of "life lines".
I saw an episode about a week ago, just after Christmas I think, and the woman was such a kack! She was absolutely nuts! Poor Wayne. I hope they pay him well to put up with these weirdos. Well, this woman was actually a really good singer and she seemed to know her stuff but it was just when she was not singing the songs, and confiming her answers, she was acting like a crazy person. You have to tell Wayne to "lock in those lyrics" and every time she said that she kept going on about her mother and how her mother was going to kill her for gambling when she wasn't sure and stuff.
And she was so boisterous with the actual phrase: "O Wanye, my momma's gonna kill me but I just have to LOCK IN THOSE LYRICS!" Then she would look nervously at her two friends (or back up singers), one of which was holding her little white fluffball of a dog that she seemed to have brought along for support. Her dog?! What the hell?! Who brings a dog to a game show for moral support?! They even pulled the dog up on stage with her so she could serenade it when she sang Hound Dog. Oh, and they called her mother on the phone at one point to tell her how much money her daughter was risking.
In the end it all worked out okay. The woman walked away with like $375 000 or something similar so she did pretty good and was only like 2 songs away from the million or whatever. In a nutshell the reason to watch this show is that it is so bad that its good. It is light entertainment in every way and will leave you happily amused and shaking your head at the strange strange people who are selected as contestants. Sorry to any sane people from the country, but Don't Forget The Lyrics will definitely make you say, only in America.